The Story

So, how does one start selling golf grips? It’s a long story, but if you want to hear it stick with me

The website you just purchased from started not in a garage, but in a spare bedroom closet stuffed with IOMIC golf grips.

In 2009 I ordered a putter off eBay with a sky blue putter grip. The putter turned out to be a bit too light in weight, but the grip was incredible. I could tell the grip had been on there quite some time as the paint fill was starting to wear and the previous owner never seemed to clean it. I loved the profile of the grip, and of course it had the perfect tac even though it seemed quite old.  I gave it a wash and it might as well have been new – I was super impressed and shocked I had never heard of the grip before.

At first I thought it was called “10 mic” but after doing some quick searches on Google I realized I was wrong and tried IOMIC.  I started to come to the realization that there was not any reliable online retailers that carried the grip, and forget about finding one locally. No one had really heard of it at that time.  I had been looking for a way to get in to the golf business again – especially on the equipment side. The grips were a perfect fit.

I called the U.S. distributor and somehow talked them in to letting me set up an account even though I had no store, I had no website – just experience in ecommerce. Reluctantly, IOMIC set up an account with me and I purchased two of every sku in their catalog. I remember seeing that charge on my card for about $1,200 dollars for my first purchase order and having a small panic attack.

My plan was to take one out of the wrapper for quality images for the site, and keep one for inventory.  A few weeks later I was done with the first version of It was an awful website now that I look back, no order management, I emailed every one of the customers when I got an order to let them know it shipped, no inventory control, terrible lighting on my images – it was not so good.

But, in the first 3 days I had a few orders and all went well. At that time I was still working full time at an e-commerce business and shipped the grips at lunch and after work – just however my day worked out but I made sure they were out THAT day.  I could not take calls yet as I was still working in an office, but I answered emails when I got home from work or while I was taking a lunch.

Every penny that was made went right back in to inventory to grow the website. I also started diving head first to find a better ecommerce solution as sending personal emails with tracking codes was really good for customer service, I remember people noticing that it was not an auto generated email but an actual person on the other side letting them know they got the order and they took it to the post office themselves.

The first years of were a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun. I learned a lot from the experience and also from a partner Josh Toney (founder of

Fast forward to 2015

We are very fortunate to have great customers who have come back to us many times for their grips. We have expanded our grip line to include NO1, The Grip Master, Super Stroke and PURE. We have improved our technology, customer service and have stuck to the fundamentals that our customers love us for. Free shipping on orders over $75, same day and selling the grips at the lowest price our suppliers allow.

In 2009 I also started – a great complementary business in the premium golf market. Both Putter Lounge and are family businesses and there are four of us that run the operation.

Luckily, the website is no longer run out of a spare bedroom closet. I no longer go to the post office at lunch, they instead come to us. We now have a warehouse and that spare bedroom closet is now my baby daughters.


Thank you

We realize you can purchase your grips and accessories from a variety of companies but you made the choice to shop with us and we thank you. It’s a trust we take seriously and we want to continue our reputation of great prices, customer service and quick shipping.

Best of luck on the links,

Your fellow golf degenerates at


About Me – James Kurtenbach –

Handicap – Scratch (but can blow up in the 80’s at any time)

College Golf – Colorado State University (2004 Graduate)

Home Course – South Suburban Golf Course – Littleton CO.

Low Score – 63 (Denver City Am)

Favorite Pro Golfer: Martin Laird

Favorite Golf Experience: Playing in 4 USGA National championships

Dream foursome: My Dad, Arnold Palmer, John Elway

Coolest person I have ever played golf with: John Elway


What’s In the bag?

Driver: Nike Vapor Pro

3 Wood: RBZ Tour – Graphite Design Purple Ice (That is retro for you)

Hybrid: Rescue TP

Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo

Wedges: Vokey SM5

Putter: Carbon Prototype

Grips: IOMIC X-EVOLUTION, PURE PRO, NO1 48 series & IOMIC Absolute Putter Grip (got to represent the best in the market)


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