[qodef_google_map custom_map_style=”true” scroll_wheel=”false” address1=”198 West 21th Street, Suite 721, New York NY 10010″ pin=”519″ zoom=”13″ map_height=”350″ saturation=”-100″ lightness=”20″]
[qodef_google_map custom_map_style=”true” scroll_wheel=”false” address1=”Soho street, new york” pin=”873″ zoom=”15″ map_height=”350″ color_overlay=”#000000″ saturation=”-100″ lightness=”-62″ address2=”spring st, new york” address3=”laight st, new york”]
[qodef_google_map custom_map_style=”false” scroll_wheel=”false” address1=”Brooklyn heights” pin=”519″ zoom=”13″ map_height=”400″ address2=”soho street new york” address3=”west side avenue, jersey city”]

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