Regripit is proud to carry the most premium name in golf shafting epoxy, Brampton Technologies.

Brampton Technology has developed a comprehensive line of Epoxies specifically engineered for the golf industry. The entire Pro-Fix line (5&10 Rapid Cure, 5&15 Quick Cure, 20/20 Long Cure) have been designed with emphasis on impact resistance, not shear strength. Our team of chemists have come from an aerospace background and our proprietary formulations reflects that history. They have purposely not added inorganic fillers as these materials add to shear strength but can affect impact resistance, especially at high and low temperatures. This would also make disassembly more difficult and often damage graphite substrates.
Since their introduction in 1998 the Pro-Fix line has performed beyond our expectations and has been accepted as one of the leading brands in the golf industry. The golf club is one of the toughest tests you can put an epoxy through and each one of our Pro-Fix epoxies has stood the test of time.
Use the chart below to determine the correct product for your specific application.


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