Grip Master Cabretta Stitchback Putter Grip – Ochre


Ethiopian product names have, for many years reflected distinctive high-end leather products. The climate is such that it produces the lowest fat content in the hide. When a hide is tanned and fat content is taken, it inevitably leaves pockets. The pockets in turn affect the strength, torsional loading, and compression in a golf grip. While lambskin from other regions may feel the same, there would be a noticeable degradation in its strength. Ethiopian Cabretta leather is distinctive for being soft, yet strong. It is lightweight and has a thinner hide in relationship to most other leathers. Cabretta is internationally recognized for its strength and other qualities.

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Grip Master selects the finest full grain, natural leather hides from the world’s best herds. Each hide is tanned with our proprietary process, milled for the perfect touch. Then they are hand crafted into the world’s finest grips. This leather will meet and exceed the demands of the world’s finest players. The Grip Master Leather grips will out perform all man made materials. Developed on the Tour, our system (Trac+) has a perfect traction. This treatment of the leather affords perfect traction under all weather conditions. We select each type of skin for a particular set of characteristics, using the world’s leading tanners to perfect the skins to our needs. The Grip Master grips are found in Tour Pros bags on all Tours. The Grip Master is the number one leather grip on Tour.

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